AMS Accountants

Solar System Installation Businesses

Accounting and tax compliancy for businesses selling solar systems are complex issues.

Some of the issues faced are:

  • lead costs
  • commission for sales agents
  • materials purchased
  • dealing with subcontractors
  • installation costs
  • collecting deposits and final payments
  • buying and selling STC’s
  • GST treatment
  • Cash Flow is KING for businesses, however this is often an issue due to having to pay the materials, installers, sales commissions before receiving the STC credits and final client payment.

We have gained a wealth of experience in this industry, including using software applications to simplify the complex processes for this industry. We would be happy to offer an obligation free consult.

“I am very happy to refer AMS Accountants. They have  gone beyond the call of duty in setting up a structure to help me reduce tax and help me to simplify my business processes in order for me to focus on closing sales.”

 Bret Davis
 Wholesale Solar Installers Pty Ltd